Nutrition Coaching.
Personalized Online Training.
Fitness programs.

Working with Jasmine has been life-changing for me!  She taught me to think of this program as a lifestyle change and not a diet and exercise program.   In just six months, I can tell a huge difference in my mood, energy level, physical strength, conditioning, and food cravings!
- Tracy Townsend

Primal Health Coaching

I work side by side with you to help you understand healthy eating so that you can understand your body and end the chaos that's negatively impacting your body.

Personal Training

I help you make fitting in exercise approachable, efficient, and maintainable over time. Outside of helping you become stronger, I'll help you become confident in your own skin.

Fitness Programs

Working with me through online fitness coaching gives you the same benefits as 1-on-1 personal training, the only difference is you go through the workouts on your own.