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Fitness Programs
Get strong on your own schedule.


Gymlessly Fit  Is Now OPEN!


What Is Gymlessly Fit?

Gymlessly Fit is my self-led strength program that allows you get strong without having a gym membership or a bunch of equipment. 

Who Is Gymlessly Fit for?

The person who has fallen off of exercise but has the itch to get back into moving and lifting.
The person who likes a crosstraining-esque style of fitness, but doesn't have access to a gym.
The person who has been doing the same old-boring routine for months on end and is ready to take things up a notch.
The person who wants to workout at home in their own space, on their own time, using minimal equipment.

What do I Get?

6 weeks worth of 4 daily workouts + 1 built-in play day
Demo videos for each exercise
A printable/mobile-friendly workout schedule
A fillable PDF progress tracker
My Paleo Nutrition Guide
Weekly cheering on via email from moi 💁🏾

What do I need?

35 minutes to complete each session.
Access to a pull-up bar, 2-3 sets of dumbbells, a bench or box, a jump rope, and an optional kettlebell.

Where Do I Go To Get It?!

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