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Personalized Online Training

Bound-less Strength + Mobility. 

You have motivation in abundance – let me build you a plan of action.
— Jasmine Cabrera

Having one of my personalized online training memberships is equivalent to having me in your back pocket at all times.

When you fill out my fitness questionnaire I will hand to you a custom-built fitness program with the following –

• Fillable PDF Fitness Program {GOOGLE SHEETS} - Progresses Every 4 Weeks
• Password Protected Access to Exercise Demos
• General Paleo Nutrition Guide
• Form Cuing & Correction via Video Analysis
• Bi-Weekly Check-Ins via Phone Call with moi
• Unlimited Email Support (24-HR Response Time)


Online Personal Training Is NOT Good For

-The person who has no prior experience with weight training and exercise
-The person who needs to be constantly motivated
-The person who needs supervision and hand-holding
-The person looking for a "get-fit quick" plan
-The person who is closed-minded
-The person who doesn't like to try new approaches to fitness


Online Personal Training Is Good For

-The person who knows how to move their body and use it to lift
-The person who is self-motivated
-The person who is open to try new approaches to fitness
-The person who isn't afraid to put on muscle
-The person who appreciates their body and wants to leverage its abilities
-The person who has an existing injury that they don't want to worsen

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7-Month Membership

$99.00 per month.

2-Month Membership

$145.00 per month.

5-Month Membership

$125.00 per month.