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My name is
Jasmine Cabrera.



There’s a ton of flawed science circulating in the form of fad diets and #fitspo that mislead women on how we should eat and exercise to look and feel like the mavens we are.

Do you eat whole grains, foods labeled as low-fat, and think running is the best way to get in shape?
These are just a few of the ways we are being misled.
They are the solutions offered up by the fitness and weight loss industries that prey on our insecurities and misunderstandings to make a quick buck.

There does exist a way to not struggle with eating. My job is to show you how eating is a relationship with yourself that is based on quality, not on the quantitative measures of counting calories and macros. 

There does exist a way to be strong and lean. My job is to show you that it doesn't have to come at the cost of ridiculous dieting or running to get in shape.

I'm here to show you how to take ownership of your eating style, your strength, and your confidence.

No cookie-cutting.
No green smoothie pushing.
No extremes.

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Education + Experience

Jasmine received her B.S.Ed in Kinesiology from The University of Virginia with a concentrated in Sports Medicine.

She is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, and has been in the fitness industry for 6+ years working in the past with a range of individuals from those with type 2 diabetes to those suffering from chronic back pain.

In 2016 Jasmine received her Primal Health Coach certification from The Primal Blueprint foundation.

She now focuses her energy on coaching and teaching
entrepreneurial parents, the almost 30-something lifter, and repeat dieters the most efficient and sustainable practices to eating for longevity while taking ownership of their strength and confidence.