Gymlessly Fit

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Gymlessly Fit


My flagship 6-week home strength & conditioning program. 

Fitness Level: Intermediate
Perfect For: On-the-go but need to work on strength.

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Gymlessly Fit hits all the high points of a well-rounded home workout program. You get short workouts that hone in on helping you simultaneously develop strength and endurance, PLUS a day to play and recover. 

This 6-week program has 4 training days and 1 play day. There is:

-No gym membership required
-Very little equipment needed
-Easy to follow programming
-Short 35-minute workouts

Included in Gymlessly Fit is:

-A printable training program for following the program
-A printable progress tracker to log your workouts
-My Paleo Nutrition Guide to help you eat well while training

How to use Gymlessly Fit is simple:

->Print out the program or pull it up on your phone
->Watch the demo videos to understand what you'l be doing on that day
->Print or have on your phone the progress tracker with you in your workout space

See – super simple.

Use the hashtag #GymlesslyFit on Instagram and Facebook to see what all the talk's about.

Who Gymlessly Fit Is For:

The person who has fallen off of exercise but has the itch to get back into moving and lifting.
The person who likes a crosstraining-esque style of fitness, but doesn't have access to a gym.
The person who has been doing the same old-boring routine for months on end and is ready to take things up a notch.
The person who wants to workout at home in their own space, on their own time, using minimal equipment.

Who Gymlessly Fit Is NOT For:

Someone who is a complete newbie to strength training
The person who is looking for a "get fit quick" program
The person who needs hand-holding
The person who thinks they can out-train a bad diet


Refunds: There are none. All sales are FINAL. It's clearly written what you can expect from my program, who it is for, who it is not for, what you will get with it, etc.
So again, NO REFUNDS.