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Oh hey there, lovely!
You’ve come to the right place if….

You’re a woman who is all in for having muscle and is drawn to the weight-lifting form of fitness, but can forgo the crowded gym scene.
You couldn’t give a crap less about the number on the scale.
You’d rather not run.
And you see the value of doing yoga, so you opt to #ROMWODandChill.


BUT…. you have an issue. A food issue.
You love food and want to eat #allthethings, but struggle figuring out which foods will fuel the lifestyle you want to live.

You’ve cut calories. You’ve counted your macros. You’ve even given the vegan/vegetarian train a ride. Yet none of these practices give you the energy you need and have only added to your stress bottom line.

Basically – you wish you had a way out.


That's where I come in.
I’m Jasmine. Primal Health Coach + Strength Trainer for women. Think of me as your wish granted.

I specialize in coaching women like you to discover simple common sense ways to eat, lift, and live that are actually realistic for your individual lifestyle.
Dieting so not included.

If it sounds like I'm taking the words right out of your mouth, check out a few of the EPIC resources below I've whipped up with you in mind.

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Is the way you eat a hot mess icon.png

Is The Way You Eat a Hot Mess?

Sign up for my free 3-day video mini course that'll help you clean things up.
Begins August 4th.

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Want Powerful Arms & Shoulders?

Grab my 3-day workout mini-series + tip sheet.

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Want to Stay Strong At Home Without The Gym Membership?

Get my latest home strength and conditioning program, Gymlessly Fit.


A Couple of My Favorites