Break down your health + strength barriers

Tanked energy. Digestive issues. Recurring injuries.
If any of these come close to your problems, I’ve got answers. 


Chisel clears the way of the health-conscious entrepreneur to become a better mover and shaker in work and life by helping bust through strength + digestive health roadblocks. 


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Primal Health Coaching

We work side by side with you to pull back the veil of confusion and frustration that’s draped over eating so that you can understand and shut off the chaos going on within your body.

Personal Training

What you need is someone to make fitting in exercise approachable, efficient, and maintainable over time. This is a good spot where someone like myself comes in.

Online Fitness Coaching

Working with me through online fitness coaching gives you the same benefits as a 1-on-1 personal training client, the only difference is you go through the workouts on your own.